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  • Community Events

    Data Gets Personal | Data Management in a Patient-Centric World

    Data Gets Personal | Tuesday, October 16 in Cambridge

    *** See the full program and register at *** Due to demand, no on-site registration will be offered. *** If you wish to attend, register online by Wednesday 9/19 for a discounted price of $25. Go to and apply code...

    Life is better with a little Magic!

    Boston: the Gathering

    We play almost exclusively EDH, mostly casual. Don't have a deck? No problem, there's always someone who's happy to loan you one! Theme nights and prizes have been done in the past. Possibly a draft with a more formal start time in the future.

    October Project Night

    Boston Elixir

    Elixir Project Night hosted at thoughtbot Come meet other elixir developers, work on passion projects, work on open source, help someone new to Elixir get set up, get help setting up if you are new, or just network and socialize with people...