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  • Community Events

    Mt Jefferson Advanced...Up and Down Jewel Trail.

    Hike the 4000s

    My third posting in my "finish the Winter 48" series. More details to follow. Again, this is an advanced hike, and only experienced winter hikers will be added. This hike is pretty straightfoward...We will start at the Jewell trailhead near the...

    NH 4K/NEHH ... Cabot, Cabot Horn, and Cabot Bulge (INTERMEDIATE)

    Random Group of Hikers

    Read the entire description before you RSVP to this event. If you underestimate the demands; overestimate your knowledge, experience, skills or abilities; or come unprepared you put yourself and others at risk. Consider this before you RSVP. WHAT...

    Saturday Run Club with Boston Road Runners

    Boston Run Club presented by Boston Road Runners

    Looking for a friendly and fun group to stay in shape or train for your next race? Join us for our weekly run (rain or shine) and open to all! Boston Run Club is organized by the local non-profit, Boston Road Runners. Please consider making a...